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Why Women’s Safety Is So Important: How To Stay Safe

Why It’s Important

Safety is important for everyone, but there is no denying that women can both be, and feel, more vulnerable. This can hold women back from playing the full role they deserve in the workplace, their community, and our society as a whole.

One third of women have suffered physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, and 80% of those who do will suffer a serious mental illness. Women’s safety is not just important, it’s a major issue!

What Can We Do?

There are some helpful tips below that we’d like to share with you on keeping safe, but we can also help to both prevent assaults/attacks, and help those who have survived by supporting a few key charities. Personally we have a lot of love for Nexus NI and Women’s Aid but you can do your own research and decide what way you would like to help. It doesn’t always have to be a donation either! Showing your love on social media and helping organisations spread their message can be just as useful!

Top Tips To Stay Safe!

When it comes to keeping yourself safe, there are a couple of things you can bear in mind;

1. Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings

The number one thing you can do to keep yourself safe is to stay aware of what is going on around you. If you don’t know if someone is following you or you’re entering an unsafe area there is very little you can do about it. Don’t wear earphones or listen to music when you walk and keep an eye on the people and things around you.

2. Arrange A Check In With Friends/Family

If you know you’re heading to somewhere that makes you feel uncomfortable you can arrange to check in with a friend or family member whenever you know you’re going to be back. If they don’t get a text or a call they’ll know something is up and can try to get in contact with you or inform the police.

3. Book Taxis On Your Phone Or With An App

This can be especially important when travelling abroad. What may appear to be a normal taxi can sometimes be a person with maliciously intent posing as a driver. It’s always safer to order a taxi by phoning a company you trust or booking through a mobile app like uber or lyft.

4. If You Think You’re Being Followed Do A Test

If you think someone is following you, cross the road, enter a shop, or stop for a minute. If the person follows your patterns something may be up. If you think you’re being followed try to stay as calm as possible. If they think you know if may escalate the situation. Try to move to a public area and seek help from a shop keeper or someone you trust.

5. Avoid Confrontation By Being Passive

If someone is being aggressive with you it is always best to remain passive and to not react. Trying to fight fire with fire will only make you both more aggressive and could lead to physical violence. Keep calm and try to remove yourself from the situation.

These tips can help you keep yourself safe but if you do find yourself in a bad situation phone your local police as soon as possible. Services like the ‘These Three Words’ app can even help you to tell the police your exact location down to a 3x3m square.



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