People always have lots of questions about our new product so we thought we’d answer some of your more commonly asked queries here! If you still have questions about our company or products please feel free to contact us.

Smart jewellery products marry the stylish appearance of jewellery with useful technology. Fashionable wearable tech can come in all shape and sizes from rings to bracelets, and can incorporate features such as notifying you when you have a message or tracking your location via GPS. Our smart jewellery is based around safety and peace of mind and allows you to send a message to people you can count on if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Unlike most smart products we don’t rely on your mobile phone so you can be sure your device will always work, even if your phone dies or is out of range!

BOLD is our debut smart jewellery product which combines cutting edge technology and a sleek minimalist design to give you the peace of mind that your loved ones are just a button press away. To learn more about BOLD visit our product pages here.

BOLD is very simple with only one button. Once you have your device set up you can press the button to send an SMS message and your location to a number of pre-defined safe contacts. Depending on how you press the button you can send three different messages. To learn more about this visit here.

No! You need to be able to reply on your device all of the time, and we all let our phones die or get lost every now and then. BOLD works completely independently from your phone and will work everywhere you would normally get phone service. Currently no other smart jewellery product can do this!

No Way! Lots of companies offer free mobile apps along with their products, and usually they get downloaded and deleted on the same day. To save wasting your time, BOLD’s safe contacts can be set up and edited through our online web app, so you don’t need to keep anything on your phone!

Absolutely Not! What you get up to and where you go is completely your own business. BOLD is always in a very lower power mode except for when you press the button. This means not only are you not being tracked when you don’t want to, but it isn’t even possible to track your location until the button is pressed.

We all make mistakes, and although we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure you won’t accidentally press the button on the side of your device, it can still happen. Thankfully, every time you use your device you will also get a confirmation message to let you know that it has been activated. This means you can let your safe contacts know that you don’t need any help and you just pressed the button by accident.

BOLD is being rolled out on a country by country basis and may not work in countries we have yet to launch into. For a full list of available countries please contact us.

Although it may seem like a useful feature, loud alarms don’t always have a place in safety products. They can easily be misinterpreted as car or building alarms and often escalate situations. BOLD is a DISCRETE safety wearable. It is meant to be there for you, and for you only, to know. The discrete and direct messaging systems gets your alert to people you can count on rather than relying on someone hearing a loud alarm.

Depending on how you press the button it will send a different message and your location to contacts which you can set up. To learn more about this click here.

We’re working on this at the moment and will let you know when it’s ready!

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